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17 February 2018

15 February 2018

£20 Workbench Progress

The £20 workbench is coming along. The basic bench is now complete, and provides a very solid basis for the envisioned workbench. Clearly there is still more to do, but already it is useful to use while preparing the accessories that will be fitted in the coming weeks.

I'm starting the editing of the first build video, and hope that will be available soon.
Let me know what sort of work holding devices you feel are important for a workbench, and hopefully I can include them all.

20 January 2018

New Site!

Hi folks,

I'm creating a new website to amalgamate all my content. You'll find it at my usual URL of however there may be teething problems with links for a while, and I apologise for that.

Links between old and new sites will be available in the top menu for the foreseeable future.